[BC Leader] Cobra

We're part of a story, part of a tale. We're all on this journey, no one is to stay. Where ever it's going. What is the way?
Warrior Cats is een rollenspel gebaseerd op de serie 'Warriors' van Erin Hunter. Je verkent hier al schrijvend de geliefde wereld van de Clankatten, rogues en kittypets. Dit doe je door je eigen karakter aan te maken, waarbij je bijna alles zelf mag bepalen over uiterlijk en karakter. Wild of tam, goed of slecht, sociaal of eenling? Help jij oorlogen te voorkomen? Of ben je een van de katten die hongerig opzoek is naar een groter territorium en meer macht? Het kan allemaal op Warrior Cats.
Greenleaf, 20°C - 35°C
Na een lange, koude Leafbare en een armzalige Newleaf. Trekt Greenleaf met een zucht van verlichting het woud in. De extreme hitte is heerlijk maar bengt ook gevaren met zich mee. Vele Twolegs die hun honden uitlaten en prooi dat de hitte niet aankan. Ook dit seizoen zal niet makkelijk worden voor de clans..
Current Event
In-Game Event
Prophecy given by Starclan
"Heed the darkness that creeps near.
Heed the purge that will begin
Seeping into the forest slowly.
Poisoning the clans from within

Blood will turn the forest red.
Lie low in order to thrive
Stay aware of who your allies are.
Or none of the clans will survive"



 [BC Leader] Cobra

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[BC Leader] Cobra 20f8kWD
Like some kind of madness

Age: ♕ 32 moons
Gender: Tomcat ♂
Rank: Leader
BerichtOnderwerp: [BC Leader] Cobra   [BC Leader] Cobra Icon_minitimedi 8 jan 2019 - 17:10

Name: Cobra
Previous Names: "I'm not a clancat, I got one name and one name only"
Age: 28 Moons
Gender: Tom
Parents: Moonwhite x Claw
Siblings: [Full] Yu & Cloud | [Half] Chawl, Jackdaw, Areum, Jim & Razor
Mate: Shade
Offspring: Coming

Clan: Bloodclan
Rank: Leader
Previous Ranks: Rogue | Young-One | Member
Mentor: Claw
Apprentice: Tobi

Fur Color: Black
Fur Pattern: None
Fur Length: Short
Eyes: Almond Shaped
Eye Color: Green
Nose & Pads: Black
Collar: Green
Teeth Collected: 5
Build: Muscular, Big, Powerful
Tail: Long, Tip is crooked
Scars: Some small scars under his fur, one longer scar over his chest from a misfortunate training. A scar over his head and a bit of his face from his fight with Shark. A long scar on his belly from a fox fight.
Abnormalities: Crooked tail tip

General: Cobra is a very closed tom-cat. He doesn't really likes to talk with others and nobody can get insight information. He'll keep his emotions to himself, which makes him look like an emotionless cat. Cobra likes to be training or hunting on his own, althought he's good capable of teamwork, he just thinks that most cats are holding him back. His dream is following in his fathers footsteps, to become the Leader of Bloodclan. Either way, he is working hard to make a name for himself, so he can force the respect that he thinks he deserves.
Now that he has the Leaders tooth on his collar, he starts to make the Elite the way he wants it. They need to get the other clans to feat them again and he'll make it his goal to let the Elite be the most feared group of cats in the forest. Although Cobra knows how to fight, he'll be more of a warmaster when it comes to fights, to guide others and give commands. Still, he will and shall fight when his clan needs him.

• Fighting
• Hunting
• Bloodshed
• Training

• Being in the sun for too long
• Soft cats
• Getting forced
• The Clans

• Making the Elite the most feared clan in the forest
• Making the Elite great again
• Getting more dog teeth
• Avenging his father

• Staying alone
• Death
• Disappointing Bloodclan

Cats Killed:
• Snowynight
Kit: Cobra was born as the first and oldest kit of Claw, at that moment a member of the Bloodclan, and Moonwhite, a rogue. He was the oldest of three kits, with his sister YinYang and brother Clouddust at his side. His dad was proud of his oldest son, who was this direct copy of him. From a young age, Cobra was destined to become something great. Still, it was YinYang who was his dads favorite, while Clouddust was really fond of Moonwhite .This left Cobra with nobody and he liked to be alone most of the time. He was not the most outspoken kitten, he liked to train and play with his sibs, but he never spoke a whole lot. Claw wasn't there most of the time because he had his tasks for Bloodclan and he never really liked his mother, so the black tom decided that it was better to just be alone.
The moment that Claw dropped hte bomb of telling Moonwhite that he was the new Bloodclan leader, was ... difficult. Now Cobra understood why his dad wasn't there most of the time, but it ripped his imperfect family apart. Moonwhite was angry and left Claw, together with Clouddust. YinYang decided to leave and he was alone. He lived with Moonwhite for another month before deciding he was old enough to leave. The black tom was around six moons old at that moment.

Rogue: Living alone as a rogue cat was harder then he thought. Claw had trained him a bit in the basics for hunting and fighting, but living alone without his family was new for him. Still, he would not show weakness and decided to challenge some old rogue for his barn. Sadly, the old rogue beat him to it, but still let him leave with him in the barn. It was this old rogue that showed him the ropes of hunting and fighting and tought him about the world around him. Cobra developed a bond with this rogue, but he was long over due and after a few months, the rogue died of old age. At this moment Cobra was alone again, but with more knowledge about everything around him. So he decided to look for his father and join the one place where he would be at home; The Bloodclan.

Young-One: After a few days of wondering around the borders of the Bloodclan, he found his dad, and with him, his sister YinYang. She had changed her name to Yu now, which suited her much better in his opinion. Cobra still was bitter against his dad, angry because he left his family alone just because of some stupid rules. But he also knew that he now had to follow said rules. Claw was happy with his oldest son to join the Bloodclan and made him his Young-One, his apprentice, untill he was old enough to become a full on member. While he was training and learning how to be a good Bloodclan member, he also found out that his dad had a new partner. A black she-cat names Howl, who was actually carrying his new spawn. This made Cobra angry, although he never had a very good relationship with Moonwhite, he still couldn't believe that Claw forgot about her so easily and got another one pregnant. Cobra used this anger to train and fight harder, as sooner as he was done with his training, the better. He made good use of the training he got from his time as rogue and eventually became the member he wanted to be.

Member: Cobra was just about 13 months old, little over a year, when Claw made him a member of Bloodclan. He killed a kittypet for his green collar, which looked amazing with his green eyes, and now had to do his tasks for the clan he had joined. His dad and Howl got a little of kittens and althought he was angry at his dad for it, he couldn't be agry at the kittens. It wasn't their fault, so he decided to become a good older brother for them. In the meantime there was a problem with dogs around the border of the Bloodclan and he helped killing some of them. Slowly but surely he got more and more teeth around his collar and he even losend up against his dad. He started to see Claw with the respect he deserved, but all of that got a brutal end when he joined the battle of Bloodclan against he returning clans and watched how some Thunderclan cat killed his dad. He got stopped in his pursuit to kill the killer, Shark called back the troops and they had to leave the battlefield. But Cobra promised that he would get vengeance.
Back home Shark took over Claw's position as leader and this made him decide to try to get the new free Commanders position. It was at this time that a new figure came in his sight. Howl died at Claws side in the battle with the cland and completely random her daughter came into view. The she-cat was named Shade and she got his attention right away. She looked like Howl, but she was a lot nicer to him then Howl ever was. As part of making a move on her, he tried harder to get to his goal, to become the Elites Commander. But his plan failed and Thora became Shark's new Commander. Thora was an ex Thunderclanner who was in the Bloodclan for about half a year, in his eyes not long enough to get such a position. He hated that he was set back again, but left it the way it was. Still, in the back of his head, he was making a small plan.
He gathered Shade and took her with him to the Shadowclan border. Here he talked about how he wanted to take control over the Elite, but before they could make the plans, they found a blind Shadowclan she-cat. They chased her back to the border and scared her a good deal, which planted the seed in Cobra's head about how he wanted the Elite to be when he would become leader. And he got his way. Shark came back later, still tired and hurt from a fight with a dog where he saved Thora. It was at this moment that Cobra decided to step up his game. He challenged Shark for the Leaders position and althought it was a tough fight and he most certainly figured out why Claw took Shark as his second in command, he came out on top. Still, he got stopped in the end by his younger brother Chawl, who broke to rules to step up against his new leader, so that he couldn't kill Shark. Cobra decided to banish Shark and took Chawl and Thora with him to his new barn. There he gaf Thora the option to either give her up her rank of Commander or prove herself by attack Chawl for breaking the rules. She did the latter and proved herself to be a usefull Commander. Now Cobra could start his plan of making the Elite the way he wanted it.

Leader: Cobra knew that he would've have much to stand upon as long as he didn't have his teeth in order. So when the news reached him that there was a fox on his territory, he took it upon himself to kill it. And so he did. After that he spoke to Thora about how he wanted the Elite to be and it was a good thing that she shared his ideas. He even got into a serious relationship with Shade and she's carrying his kits at this moment.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Claw » Are you proud of me now?
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Yu » I can count on you, right, little sis?
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Shade » Gotcha
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Chawl » Yes, you're mad at me, I know. But you broke the rules.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Thora » Yes, you're a good Commander, I can trust you.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Satsui » You're a bit weird, but we can make a good Elite member out of you.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Tobi » I'll make you a respectable member
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Zahida » You're a good Member

[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred/[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletblack Sunvoice » You're a fun project, I'll make you whatever I want you to be.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletblack Acefray » Why did my father took interest in you?
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletblack Snowynight » Why did you give up on living?

[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletwhite Burnetbliss » Get. Out!

[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletyellow Baneflower » You don't fit in here, get out.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletyellow Firedance » I don't know you, but I know your actions. And I'll get your blood on my claws.

[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletgreen Cloud » Are you happy, little brother?
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletgreen Moonwhite » Mom, where are you right now?
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletgreen Shark »  You would never make the Elite the way I'll make it.

[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletred Bloodclan » I'll make you the greatest clan again.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletyellow Thunderclan » You gave me a good Commander, but you took my Father.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletblue Riverclan » You guys like swimming, weird.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletwhite Windclan » You'd never survive between the twolegs.
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletblack Shadowclan » You guys are weak!
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletgreen Rogues » Stay out of our territory and we'll not harm you
[BC Leader] Cobra Bulletorange Kittypets » Ugh.

[BC Leader] Cobra 1GbKA8m This cat has been born in the RPG
[BC Leader] Cobra FGmrm79 I've got my first training
[BC Leader] Cobra 3OU9qDa I had a fighting session
[BC Leader] Cobra XYiucxG I had a hunting session
[BC Leader] Cobra Xyq5NsT I participated in a patrol
[BC Leader] Cobra 0nI2eoB I've done my final assessment
[BC Leader] Cobra H6Qg3Jc I've become an apprentice in a ceremony [apprentice only]
[BC Leader] Cobra FKACYw4 I've become a warrior in a ceremony [warriors only]
[BC Leader] Cobra Ny3SzqY I got injured
[BC Leader] Cobra Lu5mCBW I became mentor
[BC Leader] Cobra VpP8MCA I've killed a cat
[BC Leader] Cobra 10pvi87 I've encountered a dog
[BC Leader] Cobra 2ef1buh I've saved someones life
[BC Leader] Cobra 11azkme I drove a fox out of the territory

Bloodclan Teeth:

[BC Leader] Cobra Eki8z I'm the Leader!
[BC Leader] Cobra 2gxnp75 I became a Member!
[BC Leader] Cobra 2iha58w I hunted the dogs!
[BC Leader] Cobra 10pvxmw I got a Young-One to train!
[BC Leader] Cobra 10pvxmw I killed a fox

"Why would I apologize for being a monster? Had anyone ever apologize for turning me into one?"
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[BC Leader] Cobra 20f8kWD
Like some kind of madness

Age: ♕ 32 moons
Gender: Tomcat ♂
Rank: Leader
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Cobra Art

[BC Leader] Cobra WAIbKri [BC Leader] Cobra ZUowDFZ
[BC Leader] Cobra B6OW1o5 [BC Leader] Cobra PUNrHXW
[BC Leader] Cobra 0el1ipW

[BC Leader] Cobra OD7C0Ws5_o
[BC Leader] Cobra FfKrVWth_o

• Babs
• Hannah
• Rebecca
• Marlie
• Lianne

"Why would I apologize for being a monster? Had anyone ever apologize for turning me into one?"
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[BC Leader] Cobra
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