We're part of a story, part of a tale. We're all on this journey, no one is to stay. Where ever it's going. What is the way?
Warrior Cats is een rollenspel gebaseerd op de serie 'Warriors' van Erin Hunter. Je verkent hier al schrijvend de geliefde wereld van de Clankatten, rogues en kittypets. Dit doe je door je eigen karakter aan te maken, waarbij je bijna alles zelf mag bepalen over uiterlijk en karakter. Wild of tam, goed of slecht, sociaal of eenling? Help jij oorlogen te voorkomen? Of ben je een van de katten die hongerig opzoek is naar een groter territorium en meer macht? Het kan allemaal op Warrior Cats.
Newleaf, 5°C - 15°C
Na een korte vorstperiode ontdooit de rivier. De prooidieren komen weer uit hun schuilplaats en het kan niet lang meer duren voordat deze nestjes jongen krijgen. De vogels fluiten uitbundig en kondigen een nieuwe Newleaf aan.
Current Event
In-Game Event
Prophecy given by Starclan
"Heed the darkness that creeps near.
Heed the purge that will begin
Seeping into the forest slowly.
Poisoning the clans from within

Blood will turn the forest red.
Lie low in order to thrive
Stay aware of who your allies are.
Or none of the clans will survive"




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Ardentheart Giphy
Contentions fierce, ardent, and dire, spring from no petty cause.

Age: 16 moons
Gender: Tomcat ♂
Rank: Young Warrior
BerichtOnderwerp: Ardentheart   Ardentheart Icon_minitimedo 23 mei 2019 - 19:22


Meet the Therapist Cat


Hiya! You're looking at the introduction topic of the new Therapist Cat of ThunderClan. That's right, me! Please get to know me a little better.

General Information

Current Name Ardentheart
Past Names Ardentkit, Ardentpaw
Future Names -

Age 15 moons
Gender Tomcat
Bloodline Thunderclan
Clan Thunderclan
Deputy Eveningglow


Parents NPC
Siblings I'm an only child

Crush: -
Mate: ...It's very complicated
Offspring: Rookkit, Bumblekit, Hedgekit & Stallionkit

Best friend(s): Waterpaw, Nettleroot.
Very good friend(s): Silverwish
Good friend(s): Olivebranch
Friend(s): Dustspirit, Charypaw
Acquaintance(s): Settleddust, Pepperpaw, Acorndust, Stallionstar


Adventurous, Bad Liar, Curious, Clumsy, Excitable, Gullible, Helpful, Intelligent, Inquisitive, Kind, Quirky

Okay, right. I need to tell you about me. I'd like to think that I'm a very kind and friendly cat. I love to help others solve problems, emotional and practical. Hm, wonder if that's why I'm a Therapist Cat. Not everyone is always happy with me sticking my nose in their business. I mean, I don't try to do it, it just kind of happens?
I'm rather intelligent and I ask soooooooo many questions it can sometimes drive other cats crazy. Or I ask the (wrong/right) questions no one wants to answer. Oops. It mostly happens when I am super curious or excited and I tend to ramble on those occasions too. Moving on...Like I said I can be super curious. It makes me want to learn everything I can and not always in the best way. I am a high energy cat, so I don't always think things through. But that can be fun sometimes. It leads to adventure, and I just adore adventures! They just don't always end the best way...Oops again.
I also can be quite gullible when I am around highly ranked cats or seriously respected warriors. I get all starstruck and believe almost everything they say. Unless something really shady is going on, of course! Not really at my finest moment there, huh? But it brings others joy, so I just roll with it. I love making cats happy and if my embarrassment is one of the reasons I can do so, I'll just have to roll with it.


Fur Dark Brown
Pattern Darker tabby stripes, creme colored muzzle, throath and chest
Eyes Vibrant Yellow, round
Nose + Pawpads Darker Pink
Scars None (yet)
Build Shorter than the average tom, broad shoulders

First Impression
When you first catch sight of Ardentpaw, you'll see he's a rather short tomcat with a bit of a broader posture. He has noticable yellow eyes that stick out to the dark color of his brown tabby pelt. Non the less, he looks like a kind and happy cat that makes friends easily.

So now you wanna know what I look like. Well, I wear a shor, dark brown coat of fur that is marked with darker tabby stripes. So dark, I know! It doesn't fit my personality at all. My eyes are about the only splash of color in my appearance. They're a vibrant yellow and their round shape does help give me a warm look overall. As for how tall I am? Not that tall. I'm shorter than most tomcats my age, though I do have broad shoulders that will carry my strong muscles once I have trained a bit. No...that's not a dream, it's a fact. Just you wait!


So, I started out as every cat does. A little fuzzball in the nursery. Here I made a best friend; Waterkit. We played and explored a lot together. It wasn't up until I became six moons old that anything interesting or life changing happened. When I reached six moons of age, I became an apprentice in a ceremony. Though, my first mentor couldn't continue my training not even a moon later. And so, in the next ceremony I got a new mentor; Swallowflight. She was the mother of my best friend, Waterpaw now, but she did not go easy on me.
Soon after that I met Nettlekit, though she was older as me at the time. It was a punishment for something she did, though she never told me what it was. She was not nice at all. Though after a while, she actually admitted why she was acting that way, and we became great friends.
Swallowflight continued my training for a good few moons after this, and Nettlekit became an apprentice and got her as mentor too. Though two apprentices showed to be too much for the black she cat, and I got assigned to Silvervine.
Somewhere between that second switch of mentors, I made new friends in Dustpaw, Olivepaw and Silverpaw. But most important of all, I met Dewpaw, a Windclan apprentice. Now why is she so important? We became fast friends in our first meeting at fourtrees and immediatly made plans for the other day. I met her in Rogue territory, where we spent the day exploring and we picked some flowers before Silverpaw and a rogue joined the party. It was a bit scary and also a bit annoying, because I really started to like Dewpaw. We met a few times after that, and I didn't realize it at first, but I was majorly crushing on her. And eventually it grew into more than a crush. A moon or two before I would become a warrior, I told her I liked her in a way more than just friends and she liked me back.
Everything kind of went downhill after that. We kept meeting, up until I became a warrior. Not even a moon went by before she told me she was expecting my kits! Well, we got into quite the little argument after that and I got the hint she didn't really want to see me anymore. At least, that's what it felt like for me.
But I was going out of my mind and I had to tell someone, so I told my best friend. Well you can imagine how that went. He was now a medicine cat and I though he might offer me a different view, or at least two ears to talk to. Which he did, but it was still a great big shock to him.
As if one cat knowing wasn't enough, it really went bad when I met Stallionstar again. Our previous meeting had been quite pleasant, but me being tired and just so very stupid, I ran my mouth. He found out Dewberry's kits were also my kits and he wasn't very pleased to say the least. And to make matters worse, Coalnose just walked into the meeting at that very moment, overhearing everything and making the link after I told her about making a mistake a while back. She was my guardian angel in that moment though, talking level-headed to Stallionstar while I couldn't. Though he still pressed me to tell Thornstar about it. But I couldn't do that. What if I would be banned?


Ardentheart Ardent69
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